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Eye Level Tutoring (K-5th)

At Eye Level, we provide systematic individualized learning. Before joining Eye Level, a child is given a diagnostic test that sets the starting point of the program and the study roadmap. Upon enrollment, your child will receive close attention and guidance in achieving mastery of each level with our small-step curriculum and 1:1 coaching. As a program that is optimized for self-directed learning, Eye Level will allow your child to take initiatives of his/her study.

Provider Story

We are one of the leading global supplemental education service providers aiming for our children to be critical thinkers with self-directed learning. We provide Math and English program based on self-directed learning instructions. Our teaching philosophy starts with understanding our children’s point of view, as what we call children’s “eye level education” to let them learn at their own pace. Traditional academics assume that all classroom teaching is based on mass education, using the same teaching materials for the same courses of studies. In these environments, it’s hard for children to be motivated once they fall behind or if they have different learning habits. At Eye Level, we help children achieve a level of mastery to move on to the next stage of learning and let them learn at their own pace. And that is what Eye Level stands for.