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HyPEd PE (4th-5th) Meets Mon & Tues

HyPEd is a new club designed to be FUN, challenging, and most importantly HYPED! We maximize every minute to developing each child's confidence and athletic ability to thrive in our innovative games and skill challenges. We have developed our C.O.R.E. curriculum (Choice - Ownership - Responsibility - Excellence) to facilitate and guide the development of character and leadership capabilities, while ensuring the mental, emotional, and physical safety of all of our students.

Provider Story

Founded by Lazarus and Evonna Bruner, Lazarus is a NASM certified personal trainer, educator, and former PE teacher at The Ron Clark Academy. He is passionate about seeing youth holistically healthy and prepared to make a positive impact on our society. Evonna is a certified educator who is in her 18th year in education. She has turned her passion of educating youth beyond the walls of the classroom to empower them through leadership and character development training. HyP.E.d PE classes and after school programs facilitate innovative workouts, games, and character-building activities to promote and stimulate leadership, self-confidence, and increase overall wellness in students. Our program aims to empower each student to develop a leadership mindset, the physical capabilities to perform, and the internal confidence in themselves to be courageously resilient in doing good and living healthy.