LEGO Robotics & Coding

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LEGO Robotics & Coding (3-5th)

Come step into the future with Bricks4Kidz in our LEGO Robotics class. Children will get to explore the far reaches of their imaginations and get hands-on experience with interactive and fun technology with EV3 Robots and Scratch coding! Kids get the opportunity to build their own LEGO robots, code their own video games, and watch them come to life by programming the robots’ actions and movements with our software to do specific challenges and tasks in fun in-class competitions! Listen to them make music with a LEGO guitar, create a racing rabbit, and much more! Each child will have the chance to create his or her own mini-figure that they will take home at the end of the session!

Provider Story

The Bricks4Kidz program provides a fun and exciting hands-on approach to learning concepts of engineering, architecture, and physics through the use of LEGO® bricks. Our motto is “We Learn, We Build, We Play”. Our projects help foster creativity, problem-solving, and cognitive skills as students explore S.T.E.A.M. learning and dive into topics and subjects such as engineering, architecture, and coding. Children will work in a team environment, build self-confidence, and build social interaction skills while having lots of fun with their peers.