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SPFC Soccer School of GA

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Soccer Club (2nd-3rd & 4th-5th)

As the most popular sport in the world, soccer involves running, dribbling, and increases endurance, strength, speed and agility! It improves mood and self-esteem and shapes kids to become committed team-players! The SPFC Soccer Club follows the training methods of one of the most successful Brazilian teams, the São Paulo Football Club! As a Georgia Soccer Associated School, players will learn and practice soccer basics, shooting, ball control, and driving techniques. Games will usually be played at the end of each practice. All ages and fitness levels welcome for a fun, playful and technical soccer experience. At the last practice, players will play a special match and get a participation medal.

Provider Story

The SPFC School of GA is an official soccer school licensed by the SPFCA. Our main goal is to build up a educational soccer background by teaching technical abilities and social skills for life. Our team have a holistic approach, which allows this school to teach, see and accept from those without any soccer experience to those high skilled. Our approach always aims to shape children and teenagers so they will learn how to behave in a way that is not only acceptable to society, but also might contributes to it. This soccer school also follows an unique technical protocol stablished by São Paulo Futebol Club, which was developed by soccer experts to better grow the foundations and skills a great player need.