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FunClubs gives back to your school for every child that registers in after school enrichment. These funds go directly back to your school, your teachers, and your child's education!

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Spring 2022 club activities

Jan 24 - May 6

All Classes Begin at 2:30 PM Unless Marked (*)

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Drama Kids (K-5)
West Cobb Martial Arts (K-5)
Big Fin Fishing (5)*
C2C Chess Club (K-5)


Guitar Club (2-5)
Soccer Club (K-5)
KidzKeys-Piano (K-3)


Playball Pros (K-2)
Let's Dance Hip Hop (K-3)
Product Inventors LEGO® Club (K-2)
LEGO® Robotics Club (3-5)*


Fine Arts Club (K-5)*
Acro Tumbling (K-5)


No Classes
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Program Details


Drama Kids builds confidence, speaking skills, presentation skills, and acting skills in children. Drama Kids is the perfect after-school activity to have fun, be creative, and team up with others to create a great performance. Plus speaking UP is essential for success in life. Best of all - our classes are face paced, dynamic, and fun! We Set the Stage for Success - Lights, Camera, Action! Enthusiastic students who learn to speak out clearly and relate confidently with others will have an inside track to lifetime success. Drama Kids develops all kids. We’re a place where all children, from the shy to the outgoing can develop at their own pace, with plenty of positive encouragement.


Students learn basic martial art techniques; blocks, punches, kicks and patterns for each belt rank. We emphasize that UMA is a martial art for self-defense and as a result of this training, the martial art student develops confidence in their ability to defend themselves, even as we stress resolving conflict in a mature way. Our class consists of basic techniques, and also games relating to martial arts which help with balance, co-ordination and are just fun! Students are given the opportunity to test for belts when the curriculum for their current rank is met. Setting and reaching goals helps students stay motivated and excited.

Big Fin Fishing (5th Only) *Starts Jan 31

Big Fin Fishing will focus on tying hooks, swivels, casting nets, kayaks, fishing, bow fishing, and other fun activities. We are excited to announce that Mrs. Mulhbauer will be helping Coach Cook with the class. We will talk about how boating and fishing were main themes in Jesus' life. There will be an organized white water trip at the end of the class. Please Note: The registration fee does not include the rafting trip. The rafting trip will be a separate event. An adult must accompany the student if they decide to raft.

Chess2Children Chess Club (K-5th)

Our philosophy is to give every child the chance to learn this wonderful game by hiring the most engaging coaches, providing exciting lessons they enjoy coming to, all while keeping costs extremely affordable. Chess has proven to help scholars enhance their creativity, improve concentration, develop critical thinking skills, increase academic performance, and enhance self-esteem. Beginners in Chess Club learn the basics of the game ensuring a solid foundation. As they develop, they learn about each piece, why it's important, and the overall game. Intermediate and Advanced players focus more on tactics, mid and end game strategy, and competition with their peers and coaches.


Turn up the volume and rock out in Guitar Club this semester! Guitar Club gives kids in 2nd-6th the chance to have fun learning and playing guitar with friends. Your child will develop musical skills and express their own creativity! We bring guitars to every class, for every student, every week. All your child needs to do is get excited about learning guitar! We do have guitars to purchase during registration if you would like one at home to practice. Our lessons are designed to help 2nd-6th grade students quickly learn and enjoy playing guitar! With the help of our encouraging and highly trained teachers, your child will learn 5 new songs each semester.

NAOA Soccer Club (K-5th)

National Academy of Athletics believes learning the fundamentals of sports at a young age is vital for kids. Our classes are geared to teach sports in a fun and interactive way. NAOA Soccer Club will take your kids through the basic fundamentals of soccer. Each day will involve a session of verbal education, practice, and a chance to play using their new skill. We make learning soccer fun!


Join KidzKeys-Piano Club this semester and learn piano skills that will last a lifetime! KidzKeys provides students in K-2nd Grade the chance to explore and express their own creativity - all while having fun learning piano with friends! We provide a keyboard and all supplemental teaching materials, so all your child needs to do is get excited about learning piano! We do have keyboards to purchase during registration if you would like one at home to practice. Our Color-Coded lessons are crafted to help K-2nd grade students quickly learn to read music on their own! With the help of our encouraging and highly trained teachers, your child will learn 5 new songs each semester.


The Playball program covers all of the most popular school sports:  soccer, hockey, rugby, tennis, volleyball & basketball – an introduction to the basic rules of each game, development of specific skills related to each sport, as well as development of more complex work like attack and defense. Children who have done PLAYBALL for years are confident working with sports equipment and handling any type of ball.  By supporting youngsters through multi-sports activities they are able to quickly adapt to new rules and new sports.


Join us in Let’s Dance for an energetic and creative dance class this semester! We give kids in K-3rd the chance to learn new skills and grow in confidence, all while dancing to fun, popular music in an encouraging environment. Our lessons and choreography are designed to help K-3rd grade students learn the foundations of Hip-Hop and Jazz Technique. With the help of our experienced and encouraging teachers, your child will grow in their creative expression through movement!

Product Inventors LEGO® Club (K-2nd)

In this club, your child will learn how to bring their ideas to life through the media of LEGO®. During the semester students will be asked to design products like pencil holders, glasses, phone holders, and lamps. The semester will culminate in a final design that the class will complete and display for their parents and peers to see.

LEGO® Robotics Club (3-5th) *3:30-4:30 PM

In this club, your child will learn the basics of programming. During the semester students will go from program robots to perform simple tasks to competing against other robots in fun and engaging LEGO® missions. The semester will culminate in a final design that the class will complete and display for their parents and peers to see!

Fine Arts Club (K-5th)* Starting Feb 3

The STEAM Club Fine Arts is designed to enhance drawing skills, creativity and build each child’s self confidence. Throughout the year, students learn the fundamentals of art through drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, and mixed media, while using artist quality media. Projects never repeat – each session is new and different! We provide engaging curriculum that develops skills and techniques, stretches the imagination, and explores art history, as well as, the art work of our very own local artists! Each and every project is “kid-tested” to ensure that all projects are fun and successful!

Acro Tumbling (K-5th)

Learn acrobatic skills and have fun tumbling with friends on the mats. This class will build flexibility, total body strength, and coordination in every student. Forward roll, backward roll, handstands, headstands, bridges, walkovers, cartwheels, splits, beginner cirque skills, and partner work will be introduced depending on your child's level. Choreography will be set to music to create a group routine. Watch your child grow more confident with the help of our experienced instructors in a supportive and safe environment. What a healthy outlet for excess energy, while encouraging artistic expression!

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fall 2022 club activities
Coming Soon!

Before Clubs Start

  • Every student participating in Clubs at Bullard Must Be Registered in ASP. This is to prepare for the possibility that a parent/guardian is late or unable to pickup the student at the time of dismissal. You will only be charged by Cobb County if your child stays in ASP. Download the ASP Parent Sign Up Guide Here
  • Please send a note with your child every day that they stay after school for a FunClubs program.
  • Program instructors will meet students in the cafeteria and lead them to their classrooms.

Dismissal After Clubs

  • Dismissal Time for most programs will be at 3:30pm (see email confirmation from your child's program instructor for more details).
  • Dismissal Location for students designated as car riders will be the Car Rider Pick Up at the Front of the School (if you are more than 10 minutes late your child will signed into ASP).
  • Students will only be signed out to their parent or guardian who must be on the pick-up list on that student’s registration. Alternatively, the parent or guardian may send a note authorizing an alternative pick-up person.
  • Students participating in ASP will be returned to ASP following club dismissal.

Cancelations & Absences

  • FunClubs after-school programs will follow the public school calendar. Classes will not meet on scheduled holidays, teacher work days, early release days, etc.
  • In the event of inclement weather, FunClubs will follow the public school closing decisions.
  • When a class is canceled for any reason, FunClubs will attempt to schedule a make up class if the semester has additional weeks available (before the Winter Break or Summer Break).
  • If your child will be absent for any reason, please contact your school's front office and they notify your child's instructor. Please note that we are unable to provide makeup classes for individual students who are absent.
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Sign Up Tips

  1. When you click SIGN UP you will be redirected to our registration page hosted by ActiveNet.
  2. You can place multiple programs in your cart, including classes for different children.
  3. If you are looking for a Specific Program, Filter by SESSION TYPE on the left-hand side.
  4. Classes can be viewed by SESSION LIST or CALENDAR, which will allow you to see all program schedules at once.
  5. Once you hit the red CONTINUE button, you will be able to assign your selected programs to different children, if applicable.
  6. Any discounts, including automatic discounts such as sibling discounts, and provider coupon codes, will be added on the checkout page (the last page of the registration).
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Frequently Asked Questions


The tuition for each class is set by the individual instructor. Program tuition can vary based on the materials provided, length of the class, or speciality of the course topic. To preview tuition rates and class schedules, click SIGN UP.


Time: Most after school enrichment classes last 50-60 minutes long. Some programs offer a 2nd session or longer class times depending on their lesson plans and course topic. Semester: Most classes meet once a week for 10-12 weeks, depending on the number of days available. In general, all FunClubs after school programs will follow the public school calendar. Classes will not meet on scheduled holidays, teacher work days, early release days, etc. To see the time, day, and schedule details for each class, click SIGN UP.


YES! When you enroll your child you will have the option of paying in full or choosing our convenient 4-Month Payment Plan (available for most programs). Some participating classes also offer multiple discounts, including Early-Bird, Sibling, Multi-Season, and Referral Rewards.


In most cases, after your child has attended class for the first time their enrollment is considered complete and their class spot reserved. However, FunClubs will follow the Standard Refund Policy for each Program Provider and consider requests on a case-by-case basis. We will not issue credits or refunds due to missed classes or scheduling conflicts arising from sporting events, other enrichment classes, etc. Every effort will be made to reschedule classes that are cancelled due to inclement weather.

who should i contact if i have a question?

FunClubs: If you have any questions about the registration process, submitting payment information, after school dismissal procedures, or schedule details, please contact FunClubs at office@funclubs.com.
Program Provider: If you have more specific questions about the curriculum being taught or materials required for class, we may refer you to the Program Provider.


FunClubs and our partner vendors are continuously monitoring information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and staying in close communication with your child’s school district to align our actions and safety procedures with the latest recommendations and guidance.

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