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A ONE-OF-A-KIND COURSE offering ZERO-screen time coding & robotics. You don’t have to be in front of a computer to learn coding. Buildy Bot makes programming and building easy for kids. With building pieces and tools designed for small hands and a unique block coding board, children can enjoy hands-on/minds-on exploration.  Each week will bring a new challenge and a chance to invent and create. This is the perfect course to encourage continued exploration in STEM.

Provider Story

Since 2010, Brainy Bytes has introduced thousands of children to STEM Education with fun and innovative lesson plans that can’t be found anywhere else. Most Importantly, our unique, cross-curricular lesson plans focus not only on science, technology, engineering, and math but also language and creative arts. Experience hands-on/minds-on programs created to encourage student engagement and enhance critical thinking, communication, and teamwork. WE ARE STEM and we know how to ignite a passion for learning in your child, student and community.