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Strike Tennis
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Strike Tennis

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Strike Tennis Club (1st-5th)

Strike Tennis brings the Tennis Courts and all equipment to your school's gym; including Junior racquets for every student to use during Tennis Club!
- Convenient Lessons Right at Your School​
- Tennis Never Cancelled due to weather
- Students Have Lots of Fun & Hit A Lot of Balls
- Fraction of the Cost of Private Lessons
- Learn a Life Long Sport, Fun with Friends

Provider Story

STRIKE TENNIS Coaches have a fun and exciting way of teaching Tennis so that every student is engaged and successful! Students get to hit a lot of balls; Coaches teach correct grips, groundstrokes, volleys, footwork, the serve, strike zone, scoring, sportsmanship, build confidence, and Play fun games like Tennis Hockey, Tennis Baseball, King of the court, team doubles, & lots more! Team challenges have students working together to achieve goals. We love teaching Tennis to kids!