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Little Medical School
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Little Medical School

Club Experience

Through role-play and activities, students will learn the key responsibilities of a doctor and explore the heart, lungs, and digestion. Students will use real medical instruments (stethoscope, reflex hammer, and blood pressure cuff) and practice scrubbing, suturing, and tying knots like a real surgeon. Items students go home with: White Coat (Disposable), ID badge, Stethoscope, Physical Exam Form, Heart Worksheet, Human Body Sticker Set, Surgical Kit, Gloves, Mask, Bingo Card, Design your own office worksheet, and Diploma!

Provider Story

Little Medical School (LMS) is the pioneer and leading developer of hands-on interactive programs for children with a focus on healthcare. Our STEM based curriculum for children aged 4-14, focuses on after school programs, summer camps, preschool activities, and more. We offer more than 350 hours of unique enrichment programs with a variety of comprehensive courses using educational role-play, real medical instruments, and original curriculum. Through hands-on activities and interactive demonstrations, students will explore the exciting world of healthcare. Our unique approach helps children further the career exploration path in healthcare – whether human or animal, while simultaneously educating and entertaining them!